Top ten reasons any and every small business needs a website

Mouse and PenNo matter what type of small business you are currently in, or thinking about starting, you simply must have an online presence. With traditional media, such as newspapers, phone books and magazines continuing to decline into obscurity, not having your small business online is a detriment.

At the very least your business will not see its full potential and at worst spell doom for your venture. That last statement might sound a little dramatic however it’s the truth. These are the top ten reasons you need to get your small business online right now:

1. Every single day more and more of your current and potential customers are looking for products and services online.

2. Every single day more and more of your current and potential customers are not using, nor being exposed to, the traditional means of advertising that have been the mainstays of business practice (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, cold calls, television, radio, etc.) for decades.

3. If these people don’t find your business online I can guarantee you they will find your competitors.

4. The barriers to getting a simple website up and running (such as lack of equipment, knowledge, and information) are diminishing every single day which makes it easier for everyone one, your competitors included, to have an online presence.

5. The ability to instantly reach out and connect with customers through a website, Facebook or Twitter account or an email address provides a stunning amount of power to the small business owner when done correctly.

6. The ability to network, encounter new people and expose your business to those people online very quickly and with little effort cannot be ignored.

7. The ability to encounter and expose your small business to both customers and suppliers outside of your traditional market area offers a huge potential to business growth. Anyone sitting at a computer can meet and talk with millions of people from around the country and around the world.

8. The ability to brand your small business though a website, social media service, email account takes the idea of “word of mouth” to a whole new level.

9. Not being online means you are missing out on all of the potential investors and partners that are, right now, looking for a business like yours’ to be a part of.

10. Not being online means you are missing out on all of the potential employees who are, at this very moment, looking for employment in a business just like yours.

Stop letting your fears and lack of knowledge keep you from taking your small business to the next level. It’s time to get off the bench and get in the game. You will be glad that you did!

Visit for tips and tricks on website development and social media. Bill Kelly is on a mission to empower novice webmasters, small business owners and non-profit organizations with the ability to create and maintain their websites using WordPress and assist with their online marketing and promotion efforts.

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