Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Review

Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011Its my big four-O this month 🙁 so I’ve decided to treat myself to a new mountain bike, and I’m going to make sure I get some use out of it, by this time next year I’m going to be fit!

I spent a few weeks looking at all the bikes available in the price range that I wanted to spend and I decided on the new 2011 model of the Cube Ltd Race, and what a bike, I’m well pleased with it.


  • Alu Superlite: Extremely high tensile strength 7005 aluminium alloy requires heat treatment. Its developed for the highest requirements, very stiff and fatigue resistant, corrosion resistant, nonshearing; double butted which makes it suitable for very light tube-sets with a high level of stiffness.
  • RFR Geometry: Our bicycles with RFR-geometry stand out by their sports character. The riding characteristics, rider comfort and rider safety in particular are taken in account for each individual bike category.
  • FSS Frame Save System: To protect our high-end aluminium frames, they are built with the CUBE Frame Save System replaceable derailleur hanger. The thread is in the hanger and not in the frame as usual. In case of a crash, this hanger can be easily and quickly replaced by a new one.
  • One Piece Design: Joints in high-quality aluminium frames are specially finished via this method and so create the impression of seamless tube design. This generates the visual effect of molding and ensures high load-bearing capacity.


  • Frame: Alu Superlite AMF 7005 Double Butted, RFR-Geometry
  • Fork: Fox 32 F100 RL ALPS OB, 100mm, Lockout
  • Headset: FSA NO. 10 semi-integrated
  • Stem: Easton EA30, Oversized
  • Handlebar: Easton EA30 Lowriser Oversized
  • Grips: CUBE Double Duometer
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore XT RD-M773 Shadow 10-speed
  • Front derailleur: Shimano SLX FD-M660-10, Top Swing, 34.9mm, 10-speed
  • Shifters: Shimano SLX SL-M660-10 Rapidfire-Plus, 10-speed
  • Brakes: Formula RX hydr. discbrake (180/160mm)
  • Cranks: Shimano FC-M552 2-Piece 42x32x24T, 175mm, integrated BB 3×10 speed
  • Cassette: Shimano CS-HG81 11-36T, 10-speed
  • Chain: Shimano CN-HG74 10-speed, 108 links
  • Tires: Schwalbe Rapid Rob Performance 2.25
  • Rims: Sunringlé Ryde XMB wheelset
  • Front hub: Sunringlé Ryde XMB wheelset
  • Rear hub: Sunringlé Ryde XMB wheelset
  • Spokes: Sunringlé Ryde XMB wheelset
  • Inner Tube: Impac AV14
  • Rim Tape: Schwalbe 22-559
  • Pedals: Fasten Alu
  • Seat: RFR Natural Shape 0.2 M
  • Seatpost: RFR Complight 31,6mm
  • Seatclamp: Scape Varioclose 34.9mm
  • Weight: 11.9kg

Below are a few pictures of my new baby 🙂

Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011
Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011
Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011
Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011
Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011
Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011

18 Responses to “Cube Ltd Race Mountain Bike 2011 Review”

  • Marik:


    Can you tell me if you’re still happy with this bike?
    I’ve been toying with which one of the Cube LTD’s to buy, so wuold welcome your opinion.



  • John:


    I can not fault it at all, if you have it in your price range get it! Been out on it today 🙂

    Unfortunately due to the amount of work I have on at the moment I haven’t been out as much as I would like but as the weather is getting better I’m going to make it happen!

    The one thing I’m going to change because I’m not getting on with them is the pedals, can’t decide if I should get a pair of SPD’s or some good flats.

    Hope this helps you decide, any questions email me or give me a call if you want.


  • Marik:


    Thanks for getting back to me, it’s really appreciated.

    I think I’ve made my mind up to go with this one. It’s one of those decisions where you always start off being sensible but end up just above your budget!!



  • That’s what I did myself, I started out with a £500-£600 budget and before I knew it I was trying to justify an £1100 bike.

    Let me know if you got the bike, perhaps we can meet up some time and go for a blast.

    John Wilkinson

  • Bret Hart:

    I have not long bought a Cube Acid through a cycle to work scheme via Halfords. The bike is superb, and is more than a good replacement for the Kona Hoss some git nicked last year. It looks the nuts and is a great ride. The only bad thing is that a couple of days ago on my way to work at 5-15am, the chain snapped off. I am waiting on a replacement chain which i know is not going to be a Shimano chain, but one from SRAM. The pedals are not the best but do the job. I guess it depends on the riding you do. Was definately worth getting as Cube bikes are not as common as the likes of a Spesh, Trek etc, so you do kind of stand out from the crowd.

  • simon:

    thinking im going to im going to buy one im the next few weeks found any faults so far? Been to look at one today and spec looks very good si

  • Hi Simon,

    The bike is great, no faults so far. The only changes I’ve made is to replace the pedals and fit new tyres and that’s only because I wanted to, there was no real need.

    Good luck, hope you end up getting one, if you do get a new bike visit the forum, lots of good information on there.


    • simon:

      I have a GT avalanche 0.0 with spd pedals and don’t think i could ride without them now, so that would be a must thanks for your reply Simon

  • Hi John, I treated myself to the Cube LTD Race in anodised black (identical to yours) and can echo that it’s a great bike… Similarly I tried every hardtail from as mainly makers as possible, but you can’t beat the LTD for looks, spec, value or ride quality…
    I’ve been all over Sligo (NW Ireland) with it now, mostly XC, up mountains, find your own trail type stuff but also a couple of times through the custom built Ballyhoura MTB trail-centre in Limerick/Cork.

    Also, as an aside point, I replaced the Rapid Rob tyres for ancient Kenda slicks and locked out the forks for a blast at a Sprint triathlon last weekend in Athlone – did the 20km road cycle in under 38 mins, scalping LOTS of carbon-framed roadies in the process, despite the handicap of MTB gearing and smaller 26″ wheels! They of course passed me in the subsequent run, but can’t blame the bike for that! 🙂

    Great bike, would heartily recommend!

  • S McCabe:

    I too purchased a Cube Ltd Race. I love it to bits. The ride is exceptional, it is very smooth and very fast. The Fox forks are amazing and compliment the bike very well.

    The value for money on this bike is really good. When I purchased the bike the shop had a set of the same Fox forks for sale at £650 alone. To think of the SLX/XT gearing and the amazing braking power from the Formula RX brakes plus the light weight frame, you are certainly getting a good deal.

    The only issues I have faced over the last three months are with the Rapid Rob tyres and the RFR saddle. The tyres, as lovely as the look, don’t seem to stick very well in the mud plus the build quality must be very weak as I have had seven punctures in this short amount of time. I got a puncture this morning just by looking at the tyres! The seat is quite hard so long journeys are not too comfortable. Usually it takes about two to three weeks to get rid of initial saddle soreness but I still get it on this seat after three months. Maybe I am just soft!

  • Steve Griffin (Headoverheels):

    Bought my Cube Race in Feb. I agree with all the positive stuff above. I had the same problem with the Rapid Robs. Came off on well known steep wet rocks two weeks running. Changed them for Panaracers. What’s the point of expensive tyres when they don’t hold in the wet???

    The anodised black is lovely – until it gets dirty!! Just right for a mountain bike…. HA. Needs isopropanol foam cleaner, WD40 or Muck-Off to get it shining again. (I’ve stopped bothering.)

    I painfully came round to realising I had to spend over a grand for the bike I wanted – and I haven’t regretted it for a second. I love it. Definitely get SPDs – but release the tension springs (all four of them) to minimum so that when flying over the bars you leave the bike behind! Keep an eye on Lidls for their cycling shoes – great quality and cheap.

    Can I plug my local trail?? The Gorlech Trail near Brechfa, SW Wales. It’s got just about everything. Great ride.

  • Andy:

    After spending weeks and weeks trawling lbs,t’internet and forums i had actually decided on a different Mtb but on walking into leisurelakes and seeing the LTD Race 2011 in anodised black, sat on it and researched the spec there was no getting away from it.

    My previous Mtb was a carerra kraken and though it was fun this Cube is a massive step up.

    The Mtb is light, quick and racey and it suits the xc trails I do perfectly.
    The spec I’m sooo pleased with Inc fox fork which performs beautifully, the oh so powerful formula fx brakes on 180 and 160 rotors and the 30 speed 3×10 shimano groupset.
    Super light frame all anodised. Laser etched graphics…’no tired looking stickers’.
    2 x schwalbe racing ralphs fitted as standard.

    The looks… Stealthy black with red bling. Laser etched graphics. Ready for race geometry.

    Had if for 8 weeks now and can’t fault it, look forward to every blast on it and would highly recommend to anyone out there looking for a quality hardtail in the £1100 price region.

  • Chris:

    Bought one of these a month ago, in the Green and White guise, looks epic and rides superb, my friend and I went on a familiar 68 miler over trail, hardpack and road, it did the bizz no fuss at all.
    I do have a question though. When I lock out the forks, they don’t lock out completely, ie when I bounce on them they will compress, albeit with greater resistance. I checked the Fox website and they say it will move slightly, between 3 and 5mm, but after swapping with my friend’s Cube Reaction for a few miles, his stayed solid on lockout.
    Any thoughts?

  • Gavin:

    Hello,i’m looking for some general advice,i’ve looked at the cube ltd race,and the cube ltd comp. I mainly do on road riding but am looking to get into more off road use eventually,would these two models be suitable for both disciplines

  • C Roberts:

    Got one of these recently and absolutely love it. One question though, has anyone had issues with the fork lockout function? I have set the sag as per the instructions, and under lockout, I can still move the forks albeit with greater resistance. I’m thinking maybe there isn’t quite enough air in, any thoughts?

  • Festa:


    just picked up a new 2011 Cube Race ltd today in the green and silver, what a stunning bike and i managed to get it for £829! from my local Cycles Uk also got a spesh Helmet(£35) floor stand and first two services in the deal for free. im currently sitting here in my lounge looking at the bike on the stand and pinching myself at getting it for such a crazy cheap price seems most are still selling at about £1000-£1100. went for a little local road ride on it and those brakes are super sharp, ive found that i feel a bit heavy on my wrists so may look at buying an adjustable stem but other than that it felt perfect, nearly bought the 2012 Acid yesterday for £779 so glad i didnt…..

  • Mike Bullen:


    I bought thw 2011 Cube Race ltd back in September and am delighted with it. I ride about 12 miles a day commuting and about 20 miles XC at the weekends and it eats this with ease.

    I have changed to spd pedals and can’t beloeve the difference so would definately recommend that. The forks do not lock out 100% but are plenty stiff enough to make climbs easy.

    If you can get one on a bike to work scheme go for it, as you don’t have to pay the VAT and it gets repaid from your gross earnings – if your lucky enough to be a 40% tax payer and find one of these on offer at £635 like me then you’ll pay £380 for it!!!! What a bargain

  • Mike:

    Bought my 2012 LTD couple of weeks ago – love it. Only comment as with S McCabe abovbe is that I have been on three rides since new on (FULLY inflated) Rapid Rob Tyres and had two punctures – one on front and on eon back -grrrrr!!! Why build such a lovely bike and put such sucky tyres on…… Off to shop on saturday for some new kevlar tyes…..

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