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Tagging Your Pictures: You’re Doing It Wrong

You’re a savvy web site proprietor.  When you upload a picture to your blog or business site you always make sure your title or alt tags are keyword optimized.  Heck, you even have a WordPress site and those things practically optimize themselves now with all those skookum plug-ins.

Yup, things are awesome.

Yeah, I was like you once.  Until a couple of weeks ago, when I had my mind blown by Morten Rand-Hendriksen of Pink & Yellow Media.  During his ‘Your Blog Is Boring And Your Photos Suck’ workshop with Syx Langemann at Northern Voice 2011, Morten went over the general musts of optimizing your pictures on your blog, and then he got to the part about title tags, and my inner geek exploded.

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Optimising WordPress Permalinks

Wordpress PermalinksConfiguring your WordPress permalinks is simple and only takes a second, but understanding what they are and how they work is key to setting up the best permalink structure possible.

Your site’s permalinks are like the street address for your site’s web pages. They help both people and robots understand your site’s structure and navigate its contents.

There is no “one magic permalink recipe to rule them all,” but keeping a few tips in mind makes it easy to optimize your WordPress permalinks.

This DiW article shows you how….

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Top ten reasons any and every small business needs a website

Mouse and PenNo matter what type of small business you are currently in, or thinking about starting, you simply must have an online presence. With traditional media, such as newspapers, phone books and magazines continuing to decline into obscurity, not having your small business online is a detriment.

At the very least your business will not see its full potential and at worst spell doom for your venture. That last statement might sound a little dramatic however it’s the truth. These are the top ten reasons you need to get your small business online right now:

1. Every single day more and more of your current and potential customers are looking for products and services online.

2. Every single day more and more of your current and potential customers are not using, nor being exposed to, the traditional means of advertising that have been the mainstays of business practice (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, cold calls, television, radio, etc.) for decades.

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