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How to make an Artisteer header mask in Photoshop

Artisteer: v4.2.0
Photoshop: CS5

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how I created a grass mask to use as part of an header in Artisteer for a WordPress website.

To create the grass mask I used a Photoshop grass brush set from, the set was called “Free Grass Brushes Set 1”.

Step 1

Open a new Photoshop about 400 px wide by 190 px high, create a few layers to work on. Make the background layer white.

Using the grass brush I created 4 layers of grass using 4 different grass styles. I did it this way to make it easier to work on the finished look of the grass.

Artisteer header mask in Photoshop

Step 2

Select all the layers you created with the brush (not the background layer), go to Select > All and then Edit > Copy merged. To deselect go to Select > Deselect.

Disable all the brush layers.

Create a new layer, make the background black, then add a layer mask (that is the icon at the bottom of the layer panel, the square with a white circle).

Select the new mask layer and then click on the Channels tab. Enable the mask at the bottom and disable RGB, Red, Green, and Blue.

With the Mask layer selected go to Edit > Paste to paste in the copied brush layers. Move it into position if you need to.

Artisteer header mask in Photoshop

Go back to the Layers tab, select the new mask layer, go to Select > Deselect. You should now have a black background with transparent grass.

Artisteer header mask in Photoshop

Step 3

Save for web, save it as a .png file.

Go to Artisteer and add it to your header, job done!

John Wilkinson
Build Me A Website

RGB / Hex Codes for Crayola crayon colours

As kids we have all had a set of Crayola crayons, all my best colourings were done with a few broken crayons 🙂

All the Hex Codes and RGB’s for a massive list of crayon colours can be found on the site below.

List of Crayola crayon colours