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Twitter for the small business

Whilst surfing Twitter earlier today, can’t remember what I was actually looking for at the time, I stumbled on a tweet from a cleaning company based in London.

It grabbed my attention because it was simple and to the point, it also included some good keywords relevant to their line of business. The tweet was a great example of how a small business can use Twitter to advertise their business to millions of people online and help them find new potential customers who are actually going to be interested in their products.

In the current climate small business are always on the look out for low-cost ways to advertise their business and one of the best ways to promote a business online is Twitter!

I’m not sure which of their tweets I initially came across so I’ve just included a few below so you can see what I mean.

Book domestic cleaning in London to take care of the chores! Call 0800 043 6001 for a quote #domesticcleaninglondon
Fast Cleaners
Does your hard wood floor need cleaning & polishing? Call 0800 043 6001 for a free quote today! #hardfloorcleaning
Fast Cleaners
Office cleaners in London can make the workplace nicer for your employees. Call 0800 043 6001 #officecleanerslondon
Fast Cleaners

Top ten reasons any and every small business needs a website

Mouse and PenNo matter what type of small business you are currently in, or thinking about starting, you simply must have an online presence. With traditional media, such as newspapers, phone books and magazines continuing to decline into obscurity, not having your small business online is a detriment.

At the very least your business will not see its full potential and at worst spell doom for your venture. That last statement might sound a little dramatic however it’s the truth. These are the top ten reasons you need to get your small business online right now:

1. Every single day more and more of your current and potential customers are looking for products and services online.

2. Every single day more and more of your current and potential customers are not using, nor being exposed to, the traditional means of advertising that have been the mainstays of business practice (newspapers, magazines, direct mail, cold calls, television, radio, etc.) for decades.

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